IVF Pune has been functioning at in Deenanath Mangeshkar Hospital & Research Centre. This centre was conceived with the aim of giving excellent results to infertile couples at reasonable rates. It was inaugrated by Hon. Hema Maliniji who predicted that a baby boom will soon occur. This prediction was proved correct by the team of expert doctors, embryologist & the supportive staff of technicians , specialist nurses, counsellor & other personell who work to give comfort to distressed couples. The unit established a success rate of  34%  in the first year itself which was at par with any International centre.

Currently the unit has a success rate of nearly  36%  clinical pregnancy rate in stimulated IVF/ICSI cycles and an overall pregnancy rate of nearly  40 - 42%  including donor cycles as well.

The IVF unit has already handled complex situations of premature menopause needing oocyte donation.

Equally complex matters of azoospermic husbands who have zero sperm count in their semen were solved by using testicular sperm extraction and using them for fertilizing the wife's eggs by a technique called I.C.S.I. in the IVF lab.

This has repeatedly and consistently been successful and has proved a beacon of hope for infertile man. Semen freezing of husband or donors have solved many logistic problems of NRI husbands as well as those couple who wish to receive semen donation.

The unit also started with embryo cryopreservation using the Vitrification technique and has achieved a good pregnancy rate after transfer of these frozen embryos. The embryo recovery rate after warming has been very good and embryo cryopreservation is being carried out in patients wanting to freeze excess embryos.