Right now this is how I feel. I am very happy thanks to all you guys. Dr. Mamata Dighe, Namrata, Asha, Pooja, Shraddha, Sucheta, Chitra, Jyoti Maushi and Aniya Maushi. And of course to all the anesthesist cause I think they were also a huge part of help. You guys have been and are a huge support system to someone like us who are in fragile state. Was expecting help since it's medical field related but find it going beyond more than I know. Eternally grateful. Special mention to Mr Sujoy Nayak also. Thank you.

PS - Want to specifically mention I used to call you guys by your names coz I felt very comfortable with you and not out of disrespect.


To Dr. Mamata Dighe & entire staff of IVF

I just wanted to express my thanks and appreciation for wonderful treatment and care you showed to me following my recent IVF treatment.

Before I came to the hospital for the treatment, I was very nervous and daunted by the fear of the unknows. You were all so kind and reassuring when I arrived, which took away a lot of my apprehension.

You demonstrated your total commitment in to caring me when I was helpless in the days, immediately following the treatment and also gave me support and encouragement to take my first step on the way to my IVF journey.

I would like to particularly thank Namrata, Pooja and Shraddha who provided me with round the clock nursing care and to very special person Dr. Mamata Dighe who changed my life by giving me hope. I would also like to thank Dr. Girish Godbole and Mr. Sujoy Nayak who played an important part in my treatment and recovery.

I am now able to look forward to a long held dream to be able to have a small and wonderful family.

Thank you once again for all your care and support. Lastly to all those couples like us Don't lose hope .... Hope is everything.


To Dr. Anand Shindey & Staff

A person may never know what life means or what the world may mean, until there are kids to love and play with. They are blessing with their soft little hands, they hug us lovingly and in their bright twinkling eyes, we can dream of beautiful tomorrow. They are mischievous, they fill everything around with joy and humour. They are the ones, who keep us young. They are like little angels who make this life, just so wonderful. And you are the people who help and support the person to have a meaningful life.


You have been very Gracious and my Heart is filled with Gratitude for what you have done for me. So please accept this sincere and warm thanks.


I, Pallavi Chandrashekhar Dike went to Dr. Mamata Dighe for IVF treatment. Dr. Sujoy Nayak, Dr. Girish Godbole and Dr. Mamata Dighe have helped me with successful treatment. I am really grateful to all the doctors for their dedication & efforts.

Earlier I had taken IVF treatment in Hyderabad but I was disappointed. But after meeting Dr. Dighe I again became hopeful. I trusted Dr. Dighe & decided to go ahead with IVF treatment as a last chance. And with great happiness I can say that this attempt was successful.

I am so thankful to Dr. Mamata Dighe, Dr. Shirish Godbole, Dr. Sujoy Nayak and not to forget the entire department of IVF staff sister Asha, Namrata and Sucheta. From day one they were so loving & caring. So once again I am thankful to all of them. This experience has taught me ' Think positive be positive '.


Dr. Anand Shinde spends a lot of time interacting with us, answering our queries and to understand our problems. Sometimes we might have had to wait for our turn but the wait is worth it. In today's business centric world, there are very few doctors, who are willing to spend time with their patients - listening to them, counselling them and offering valuable guidance, and Dr. Anand Shinde is one of them.

We are thankful to Dr. Anand Shinde for guiding us towards our main goal.

We would like to recommend the DMH IVF clinic especially Dr. Anand Shinde for any kind of Andrology / Gynaecological consultations.