How do you obtain an appointment
You will need to call IVF Pune unit directly. Our unit staff will let you know the consultaion timings and you can make an appointment with the doctor. Please make sure that you carry all relevant records regarding any previous investigations and treatment that you may have undergone. In case you happen to come to the unit without a prior appointment and wish to see the doctor we will accommodate you depending on the appointments for that day.
Our contact numbers :
  IVF Pune - Direct line - 91 20 4015 1777  
  Deenanath Mangeshkar Hospital - 66023000 Ext. 1777  
The initial visit and investigations
  When you first visit the unit you will have an initial consultation with a senior doctor. As a part of the infertility services provided by IVF Pune we offer a full range of fertility investigations, of course not all of them may apply to you.  
They include
Detailed semen analysis including seminal fluid analysis
Antisperm antibody testing and sperm function tests
Hormone assays
Pelvic ultrasound scans including follicle tracking
Hysterosalpingography ( an x-ray of womb & fallopian tunes )
Hysteroscopy ( an examination of the inside of the womb )
Laparoscopy ( an examination of the womb, fallopian tubes and ovaries )

If you have had previous tests in another hospital, we would like to get the results, so as to avoid repeating the investigations when possible. It would be helpful to bring your previous reports with you. We generally repeat the semen analysis in our laboratory and may need to repeat certain investigations if required. Once these tests are complete you will be given a follow-up appointment, to discuss the results of the investigations & the conclusions which have been reached. At this time we can discuss suitable treatment options with you, and should also be able to give you a reasonable idea of your chance of achieving a successful pregnancy. If further tests are necessary you will be told exactly what needs to be done and why.